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I can't recall a single lab that we introduced our MONOCLONAL kappa and lambda to that didn't solve their background problem, especially with bone marrows.  We have plenty of clients that use our monoclonal kappa and lambda on a variety of stainers, and we have found that often times heat retrieval with EDTA gives cleaner results than enzyme retrieval.  I can supply you with references if needed.
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Subject: [Histonet] Kappa, Lambda staining???

Hello everyone ,, Need some help here, currently our lab is trying to create a IHC protocol for kappa and lambda on the Venntana benchmark,, we are having some real problems with the background staining in our control and patients,, we are using a blocker and or hydrogen peroxide, to try and minimize the peroxidase but we are still getting alot of background,  if any one out there that has a benchmark and has a protocol for these stains some help would be appreciated,, forgot to mention that we are using Tonsil and Bone Marrow for control,
One other thing how many out there are using the Tamtron System,, we are currently in the building phase and would like to ask some people out there questions concerning proccess, codes and end user training
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