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When microwaving is used in histoprocessing, these procedures are not only
accelerated, but fundamentally changed:

Completion of fixation is achieved prior to histoprocessing in the microwave
Dehydration is achieved in one step, instead of the 2-6 steps used in
conventional procedures. The use of a graded series of alcohols is not
necessary in the microwave method. 
Isopropanol can be substituted for xylene as a clearing agent, and one bath
is sufficient. 
Higher temperatures are required for the impregnation of the paraffin wax. 
Therefore, microwave histoprocessing becomes a three-step process:

One dehydration step 
One clearing step 
One paraffin wax step (at two temperatures) 

This is from Microwave technique- Energy Beam Sciences
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Miscible means mutually soluble in ALL proportions.
Isopropyl alcohol and paraffin was are definitely not miscible.
However, they are mutually soluble to a limited degree.
I just did a few crude solubility estimates by eyeball in my lab:
I got about half a gram of "Paraplast" to dissolve in 100 ml of gently
boiling isopropyl alcohol.
I was able to get 30 ml of isopropyl alcohol to dissolve in 100 ml of molten
Both solutions become cloudy suspensions on cooling.
I have not tried transferring tissue directly from isopropyl alcohol to
molten paraffin, but it seems that the experiment would be worth trying.

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