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Atoska, this morning we covered fixation and getting ready to go into embedding; 7 students showed up and two are from Lafayette, LA; they have had a test on fixation; visited my EM Lab and plan I plan on having a future EM workshop hands on; also planned is a cytology lecturer (as one of the techs that took the HT Registry ASCP said that there were a lot of cytology questions). So I am comfortable in saying its for both HT and HTL.

The first study group was done by Rosemary Velasquez and they would meet at her house. And I was wrong about the first study group. Of 15 that would meet weekly,  6 took the HT registry and 1 took the HTL and all 7 passed!

This is the first study group at LSUHSC in New Orleans, LA



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Hi Teresa, is this only for the HT or the HTL as well? Sounds like a great plan. I don't recall hearing or reading about the first session. Thanks, Atoska

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There will be a monthly study group, for the Histotechnology ASCP Registry.  Classes will be held at LSUHSC, MEB Building, 3 rd floor, Seminar Room 8,  beginning tomorrow (Saturday) from 8am-Noon.

Rosemary Velasquez, Histotechnologist from Ochsner Foundation Hospital, will head the study group.  This will be Ms Velasquez second study group. There were five technologist in Ms Velasquez first study group and all five passed the HT(ASCP) registry the first time they took it.

Please bring pencil and paper for notes.

There is parking around the MEB building, as meters are free on Saturday. Entrance is in front of the LSU Research Building (the other door of the MEBuilding, on the side of I-10 is locked on weekends. Please sign in at the front desk with the security guard and come up the  3rd floor. Signs will be posted. Vending machines are available, bring change.

I will also be here to see if Rosemary needs my help with anything.

Teresa Flores

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