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From:Gary Gill

*	aniline red						yellow and
purple, no red	
*	acridine red [3B {CI 45000}]			pyronin (basic dye)
*	Chicago blue RW (CI 24280)			aka benzo blue RW,
Niagra blue RW, durazol blue 5G
*	Bordeaux red (CI 16180)				aka fast red B, BN
or P; cerasin R
*	Cyanine (CI [Ed. 1] 806)			aka quinoline blue
(basic quinoline dye)
*	Renol black R extra (chlorazol black R)	chlorazol black E (CI 30235)
*	methylene blue eosin				?

All are benzene-ring based.  Source: Lillie RD.  H.J. Conn's Biological
Stains, Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore, 1977, 9th ed.  (10th edition has just
been published).  Dispose of these the same as you would comparable dyes for
which you have information.  If you're disposing of small quantities such as
usually found in labs, it's not worth your time to research further.

Gary Gill

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I am the Chemical Hygiene Officer and have been trying to obtain MSDS's
for a number of old---and I mean 30 years or more--histological stains
in order to properly characterize them for disposal.  I've been to
stainsfile,, google, you name it.  I don't know if the names
have seriously changed, if these haven't been in use for the past 10
years (or more), etc.  Any information you can provide would be most
appreciated!  The labels for these materials do not carry CAS #'s...

The stains in question are:
Aniline Red
Acridine Red
Chicago Blue RW
Bordeaux Red
Renol Black R Extra (another name on its label is "Chlorazol Black R"
Methylene Blue Eosin

Many thanks!

Margaret A. Rakas, Ph.D.
Manager, Inventory & Regulatory Affairs
Clark Science Center
Smith College
Northampton, MA. 01063
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