[Histonet] Excessively wrinkled sections

From:"Barlow, Gillian"

Dear Hisonetters

First, many thanks to those of you who replied to help me with my cardiac
fixations - I now have nice, well-fixed tissues.  However, one problem till
remains - the sections are very wrinkled and do not flatten out well on the
waterbath, even when left for long periods of time.  I store my blocks at
room temperature, but put them on ice for at least two hours before
sectioning.  The waterbath is at 40 degrees.  A colleague suggested
increasing the waterbath temperature, but the sections are for IHC and I
dont want to damage my antigen.

Many thanks

PS  For anyone out there with questions on cardiac fixation and embedding,
this is the protocol I have now found to work well and wanted to share: 

Hearts were isolated from anaesthetized animals, cut in half and fixed
overnight in 10% buffered formalin at room temperature.  The following day,
hearts were transferred to 70% ethanol and stored at 4 degrees prior to

80% EtOH, 45 mins room temperature
95% EtOH, 45 mins room temperature, two changes
100% EtOH, 45 mins room temperature, two changes
Xylene, 45 mins room temperature, two changes
Paraffin, 45 mins, 60 degrees under vacuum, two changes
Embed immediately

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