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From:Paul Howard Lockwood

Dear Joyce,
     You would be surprised where you can find the kind of spring you need for something like that. I would first suggest an auto parts store. One of the big ones would 
have something like. Also check out a farmer's store, like Tractor Supply. Some of the mill supply stores may have the appropriate spring. The yellow pages for your 
local area would help you pinpoint what store may have what. You may even want to give a lumberyard, or building supplier retailer like Lowes or Home Depot a try.
     From all the years I've spent working on old cars, I have found that when a particular supplier (like dealer's only parts) no longer has the required item, other places 
will have it, or at least a part similar enough that the original may be substituted with confindence.
     I hope this helps.
     Paul Lockwood
9/17/03 6:10:56 AM, Joyce Christopher  wrote:

>Our Reichert-Jung Knifemaker II has developed a problem.  It no longer has the
>strength to break the knives.  In other words its spring needs replacement.
>Problem - the spring part is no longer available.  Does anyone have a knifemaker
>they are no longer using or has one that is no longer working but does have a
>working spring?
>Joyce Christopher
>Bayer CropScience LP
>17745 S. Metcalf
>Stilwell, KS  66085
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