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do you think it would be beneficial to also include "suspected carcinogens" to your list? don't know if the materials you checked listed these as well. I find it interesting that formaldehyde didn't make your list. our safety dept here claims it's no longer suspected but a confirmed carcinogen.

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>>> "Laurie Colbert"  09/18/03 12:49PM >>>
I've had several requests for some of the information I received on carcinogenic materials.  The information listed below is from an NSH publication, "Health and Safety Committe Information Packet."  You can contact NSH at or (301) 262-6221.  Their website is and there are numerous publications you can order from this website.

Carcinogens in the Histology Lab:

	Arsenic compounds (cacodylate buffers)
	Benzene (solvent)
	Chromium oxide (oxidizer for GMS)
	Formaldehyde (fixative)
	Benzidine (chromagen)
	Benzideine-based dyes such as: biebrich scarlet, congo red, oil red O, woodstain scarlet, ponceau S, trypan blue, 	       bordeaux.

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