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Nitrocellulose and celloidin technique. Page 91 of Histopathologic
Technic and Practical Histochemistry. RD Lillie and Harold M.
Fullmer.1976, 1965 McGrew Inc. 1234567890 KPKP 7832109876

48hr Form fixation
dehydrate with successive baths of 35, 50, 65 & 80% alc. 24 hours each.
Open eye
Return to 80% alc. 24 hours
2x 100% alc 24 hours
6 hour bath in equal vols 100% alc and ether
Infiltrate 5-7 days in 10% nitrocellulose in 100% alc.
Infiltrate 5-7 days in 20% nitrocellulose in 100% alc
Place under bell jar and when surface is solid, examine daily, but lower
portion soft flood with chloroform 16-24 hours.
Pour off chloroform and let dry.
Attach to block with 20% nitrocellulose
Let dry and immerse in chloroform for several hours.
24 hour baths of 3:1 chloroform: cedar wood oil, 1:1 of the same, then
pure cedar wood oil.
Cut sections and store in 80% alc.

Dangerous, smelly, time consuming but extremely good fun; definitely a
non-PC technique that works; done it myself as a pup.

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Subject: [Histonet] eye morphology advice

Hi All -

I have a grad student who is interested in preserving the 
morphology of a monkey eyeball once it is removed.  Does anyone 
have any suggestions?  Everything we have tried always results in 
the posterior part of the eyeball caving in.  

Thanks in advance,


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