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I agree with you Jordan.  There is still paraffin on the slides after they come out of the oven.  If your cut slides are already as dry as the Sahara, you could forgo the oven all together and go straight into xylene; that's what is deparaffinizing the slides, not the oven.  There are also commercial HIER buffers available that have detergents in them that will achieve deparaffinization simultaneously with the retrieval procedure, with or without the oven.

Stick to your guns, Jordan; you're right!

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Good Morning All:

My lab is in a huge discussion about the reason why we put our slides in an oven before staining.  I told them that the reason was to dry all of the water off of them, because xylene and water do not mix.  This statement is also backed up in literature that I have read.  They still do not believe me, because they think the purpose of the oven is to deparaffinize the slides.

Can anyone help me out, so I can put this discussion to rest?  I will print off all of your comments for my technicians to read.  Is what I told them correct or not?



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