[Histonet] under processed tissue

From:"Atoska S. Gentry"

Hello, my processor recently malfunctioned rendering poorly processed sections. I placed the sections in the 60C incubator for 30 min. to aid in melting of the paraffin. Then I closely monitored the samples as I sent them backwards through the processing cycle. I actually reversed the beakers ( ie. placed #10 at station 1 and beaker #1 at station 10 and so on and so forth). If you decide to try this be sure to remember to switch them back to their proper stations and replace all solutions. Also, don't allow them to go past #10 ( avoiding the paraffin infiltration). I Washed sections for 30 min. in running tap H2O. Then placed them in a rehydrating solution: 0.6g sodium carbonate+ 42ml DHOH +18ml absolute alcohol overnight. Although, this method advises processing the following day on the standard 16-hour procedure, starting in 80% alcohol. I usually processed as usual starting in 70% ETOH. This rehydrating solution method was taken from Sheehan/Mosby Theory and Practice of Histotechnology pge 4. My most recent samples I'm currently holding in 70% ETOH until I can get my processor problem resolved. However, I've used this method before and it renders fairly decent sections with a bit of trial and error. Best wishes. Atoska

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