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    We use a Black & Decker vegtable steamer. I bored a hole into the top of the steamer and 
we put a thermometer directly into the solution to get a Real Time measurement of the 
temperature. (BTW CAP loved it) We also use a waterbath as is indicated by the Herceptest 
(DAKO) instructions.
    I strongly dislike the use of household microwaves for any laboratory purposes, especially 
something as finiky as antigen retrieval. The temperature over time spiles up to an overheated 
state then drops rapidly to a point that it is not retrieving at all only to be reheated in the same 
way. It is impossible to have any uniformity this way. You're much better off with a steady heat 
source for a specific amount of time.

Haste makes waste,
Amos Brooks

Hi Histonetters!
I have a question about microwave oven in histolabs. We did introduce such
a household thing for IHC, but it was not very successfull. Now we heat
our tea with it. IHC works with heat and steam. Which equipment do you use
for special staining? Are there specific apparats or also the houshold
ones? And has it become really common to work with it? thanks for your

Gundi Lang
general hospital Linz, Austria

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