[Histonet] BrdU and EM?

From:"Mezey Szilvia"

 Hello All,

 I'm trying to do BrdU staining (in paraformaldehyde fixed, free-
floating sections) and preserve the ultrastructure of the tissue for 
EM at the same time. HCl works fine for denaturing DNA for BrdU-
ICC but doesn't leave much of the tissue for EM. DNase would be 
more EM-friendly but doesn't penetrate the tissue enough.
 Does anybody know a method that could provide a fair enough 
compromise between BrdU and EM? Maybe by increasing the 
penetration of DNase?

 Best regards to you all,


Szilvia Mezey
PhD student
Semmelweis University
Dept. of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology
Tuzolto u. 58. Budapest, 1094, Hungary
T.: +36-12156920/3687
F.: +36-12155158
E-mail: mezey@ana.sote.hu

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