[Histonet] All those muscvle and nerve packets

From:"George Cole"

It has been a wonderful experience---your responses to the offer of the muscle and nerve packets----57 have gone out across the states and to 6 countries around the world.

Now then---what now? 

Are none, some or many labs going to adopt none, some or all the methods presented in the DVD’s and pages?

To turn the stats around a bit---NOT adopting the procedures---sticking to the pip-on-a-cork-one-section-per-slide-procedures as shown in the texts amounts to being 5 to 50 times less likely to find the information in muscle and nerves sent to you.

As I am retired,  outside the labs looking in, I will be very grateful for any response from you histotechs as to just what your response to the new methods presented on the 3 DVD’s and 18 pages of procedures is to be.

Greetings to you all---I know I am lucky to be retired and all that, but if anyone of you would like to take on my 75 years and let me have your youth----I’m willin’!!”

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