Varistain Gemini of Thermo Shandon

Hi to all: 
Someone with experience in the use of automatic slide stainer Varistain
Gemini of Thermo Shandon?. 
My questions for which they work with this device are: Years of use. Your
price, reliability, breakdowns... He has control of entry and water exit? 
He allows the use of baskets of another business firm, for example: baskets
of Tissue-Teck, of Shakura?. 
I am necessary to buy a stainner and I have doubts between that of Shakura,
Leyca and Shandow. 
Thank you for his opinions.

José Manuel Suárez de la Grana
A.T.S de Anatomía Patológica
C.H. "A. Marcide"
15406-El Ferrol-La Coruña- España

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