Re: toluidine blue/Na borate

From:Geoff McAuliffe

Borate is added to get the stain to penetrate epoxy resins such as Spurr, Epon
substitutes, etc. It makes the stain very alkaline and less specific. It is not
needed for wax or frozen sections.

Geoff wrote:

> Hey histonetters!!
> I have a question or two.  What is the difference between 1%toluidine blue used
> alone and 1% toluidine blue added to 1% Na borate.  I know that toluidine blue
> is used on paraffin sections for mast cells.  I looked in histonet archives,
> but did not find an answer to my question.  Does anyone know why na borate is
> added? I know that 1% toluidine blue alone is dark blue with light blue;  add
> na borate and you get purple and blue.
> Any help appreciated!!
> Dina

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