Re: storage of tissues

From:Susan Bell


Do you have space for a ventilated cabinet?  Then you can put the 
jars with formalin in there.


At 1:41 PM -0400 9/25/02, Rita Angel wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have a question about storage of tissue that I hope someone can 
>help me with. Does anyone know how long animal tissues can be stored 
>in 70% ethanol without any damaging effects or hardening of tissues 
>(after they've been fixed)?
>We normally don't keep our tissues in 70% ethanol any longer than a 
>few weeks, but we've been told we need to keep all of our formalin 
>under a fume hood, (even if they're in closed containers) which we 
>have very limited space for.  These are tissues that we want to keep 
>long term; we dispose of unwanted tissue 30 days after we receive 
>them. If we could store them in ethanol, this would solve our 
>Thanks for all of your help in advance.
>Please respond to my email address, since I just subscribed to the 
>histonet today.
>Rita Angel


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