Re: index system

From:Paul Howard Lockwood

Dear Louise,
    I use Copernic 2000 for searching several search engines at a time. I also use Canon's WebRecrod Pro. The latter saves whole web pages for printing out later. It 
may be used either directly, or, as an automatic search and retrieve when I'm away. However, I don't use this second feature because of security reasons.
    Paul Lockwood
9/20/02 9:46:33 AM, louise renton  wrote:

>Hi all,
>Does anyone have a recommendation/suggestion for a computer programme that 
>has tracking, indexing and searching facilities? I am looking for as 
>programme that I could just type in a search command, and all the data on 
>the relevant amples could be accessed.
>Best regards
>Louise Renton
>Bone Research Unit
>South Africa
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