Re: Pacemaker disposal

Yes, a number of situations can occur. 

First it is very important that it is removed especially in the case  of a patient who will have cremation.  Secondly, it can be given to the patients' cardiologist who usually has the manufacture rep dispose of it .

Or you can donate it to the following organization:  Heart Too Heart

Heart Too Heart does not resell pacemakers. Instead, the used devices are provided only to physicians who agree to donate surgery and medical care to the pacemaker recipient.

Although U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations prohibit the reuse of pacemakers and defibrillators, American medical doctors may hand-deliver a medical device to a physician in another country. You may contact Bill Daem who is the founder of the organization to donate at 406-656-7687, or for more information, write Heart Too Heart at 220 34th Street W, Billings MT 59102.  Mr. Daem returns the device to the vendor who then checks it for re-usability.  Once approved the pacemaker is returned back to Mr. Daem who donates it to Physicians who take them overseas to third world countries and implant on those in need.
Hope this answers your question!
Take care,
Cyndi Caron

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