Re: Info about Shandon Pathcenter Processor

From:Mary Reeves

We have a Shandon Pathcenter here and all 8 of the techs agree, we do not recommend it.  It is not user friendly and if it breaks down ( like ours is now) it could take months to fix.  Last year, it neede a new rubber gasket, 3 months later it was up and running again.  I would recommend a Tissue Tek VIP.  We love the three we have.  One is 18 years old.  If it breaks clinical engineering has it back up in running the next day, a week at the most if they have to order a part.  

Mary Reeves
Technical Specialist
1-352-265-0680 ext 7-2113

>>>  09/16/02 02:07PM >>>
Hello Histoland,
       I am writing in regard to a Pathcenter Processor that the lab I work 
in is presently thinking about purchasing.  Anyone with any dealings with the 
piece of machinary would be greatly appreciated. 

Sylinda Battle, HT

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