Re: Immuno on JB 4 Resin


Yeah, I noticed that. I do not have any experience with MM resins, so 
far we have only used Technovit which is a GM similar to JB-4. I will 
have to check with our technician the posibility of using a MM resin, 
but it is a pity to be unable to use so many technovit-embedded 
specimens that I already have. Any particularly recommended MM resin for 
IHC and In situ hybridization work??


Karen Pawlowski wrote:
> Hi All,
> I just wanted to mention that JB-4 resin is a glycol methacrylate and
> not a methyl methacrylate. Some of the epon-like resins are methyl
> methacrylate and might work better for you.  
> Karen Pawlowski

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