Re: IHC problem: secondary reaction against sheep

From:oswaldo wrote:
> My problem regards the secondary reaction: as far as I know, there 
> aren't kits to develop the secondary reaction against an antibody from 
> sheep and it could be become complicated to set up every single step of > the secondary reaction.
> What shall I do? Does anybody know if there is a kit to resolve this 
> problem?

You can use some antibody detection kits for goat Ig, which bind well to 
sheep antobodies. Sigma (to mention just an example) sells a kit based 
in avidin/biotin and also the monoclonal anti goat/sheep IgG antibody, 
labelled in many ways.

Another option is to use "universal detection  kits based on recombinant 
Protein G, but the binding to sheep Ig is a little on the weak side.



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