Re: Heart Stain

From:John Auld

Hi Jason

This is a topic which one of our pathologist's has just asked about.
The method she wants us ti use is Nitro-blue tetrazolium. The solutions are
NBT 5mg/ml and 1M Phosphate buffer pH 7.4.Add 10 mls of both to 100 mls
distilled water. Place slice of fresh myocardium in the solution for 15 -
20 minutes. If no blue staining develops add 10 mls molar sodium lactate.
Normal myocardium stains purple blue and Infarcted myocardium is unstained.
We also were given an Acid Fucshin method for formalin fixed paraffin
embedded tissue which I beleive is in many textbooks, if you wish further
info please let me know



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Date: 3 Oct 2002 11:15:57 -0500
From: Jason Fowler 
Subject: Heart Stain

Is anyone familiar with a stain used for post-mortem hearts to determine
areas of infarction?  I am vaguely familiar.  I think the stain marks
areas of infarction brown and the remaining tissue gray?  Or vice versa?
 Any help would be fantastic.


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