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From:Bryan Llewellyn

You are probably thinking of the gross succinnic dehydrogenase histochemical
enzyme technique.  Undamaged heart has a positive reaction.  Infarcted areas
have no reaction.  The colour depends on the tetrazolium salt you use.  I
used to use the cheapest I could find, which gave a dull red result.  You
need quite a volume of the working solution, enough to colour a whole slice
of the tissue.  The solution consists of sodium succinate, buffer and
tetrazolium salt.  No co-enzyme is required.  The success of the method
does, of course, depend on using fairly fresh heart.

I am not at home at the moment.  Contact me again in 10 days or so if you
want me to dig out the details.

Bryan Llewellyn

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> Is anyone familiar with a stain used for post-mortem hearts to determine
> areas of infarction?  I am vaguely familiar.  I think the stain marks
> areas of infarction brown and the remaining tissue gray?  Or vice versa?
>  Any help would be fantastic.
> Thanks,
> Jason

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