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From:Melissa Jensen

We  embed on a slant here also.Prevents chunking out of the tissue as well as all the other reasons that have been posted.I  know in Frieda Carson's book,it shows everything embedded in a straight row,however like the rest of you have already said...Better results cutting when embedding at an angle!
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From: Walzer Susan
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Sent: Friday, September 20, 2002 5:43 AM
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I agree, it makes cutting so much easier. This is true for many other tissue types too.
Susan L Walzer HT(ASCP)
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Subject: Embedding

I have a question regarding "proper embedding"---I have been practicing for 35 yrs., am at new position and funny thing, I do things incorrectly---
Anyway, correct embedding--epithelium from skin - "all going same way" but I embed on a slant not  in a straight row. The knife blade hits one piece at a time not the entire
"straight " line.
Glenda Hoye and the instructors- do you have a reference?

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