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From:"Molinari, Betsy"

The Michigan Society of Histology publishes this fantastic workbook that I
would HIGHLY recommend. I do not have the ordering information available but
I am sure someone will post it for you.  I don't think I would have done so
well if I had not used it. Also, use more than one text and the question and
answer books that the NSH offers are very good too. 
Betsy Molinari HT(ASCP)
Texas Heart Institute
Houston, TX 77030
832-355-6812 (fax)

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I just took the written portion of the HT exam and did not recognize hardly
any questions that I have studied. I used the Histotechnology a self inst.
text by Freida Carson along with the work book. Is there a better reference
out there I can get just in case I have to take it again? Please help,

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