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From:Nancy Klemme

Hi, Nita:
     The treat to having our traditions challenged is having to explain them.  
Rules versus Reasons.
Rules can be programmed into robots (which all of us say we are not!)
Reasons provide an understanding of "why" we do something.
To provide the best microscopic section we can - isn't that our responsibility to the patient and pathologist?
So if we reduce the resistance between the specimen and cutting edge and reduce the risk of cutting artifact on other pieces in the block and it causes us to feel good about the sections we present for diagnosis............well, I'd like to hear some positive (for the patient) "reasons" for NOT embedding as you've been practicing.
I hope those who work with you are open to discussing this.      (and I hope to see you in Long Beach.)
Kindest regards to you.
Nancy Klemme
Sakura Finetek USA, Inc
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I have a question regarding "proper embedding"---I have been practicing for 35 yrs., am at new position and funny thing, I do things incorrectly---
Anyway, correct embedding--epithelium from skin - "all going same way" but I embed on a slant not  in a straight row. The knife blade hits one piece at a time not the entire
"straight " line.
Glenda Hoye and the instructors- do you have a reference?

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