RE: Daily Digest (Salvacion S. Delovino)

In my opinion, taking tests depends on the luck of an individual
examinee. If you're lucky, most of the test questions would be taken
from the materials that you used in studying for the exam. If you're
unlucky, few question would be taken from the materials used. However,
if you use various materials, chances are a lot of questions would be
familiar. So I suggest that if you have time, to read different books
and reviewers that come your way. If you study right, I don't think it
would have been in vain. Good luck.

By the way, the date  of your posting really threw me off. For a moment
there, I thought I'm late with a lot of my bills. Then I noticed the
year.  I thought I fell asleep for 13 yrs. How did that happen?


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