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Conn's Biological Stains is listed as available on the websites of, and the Vibratome(tm) company on the menu under Books.


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FYI - on another book, often referred to on Histonet:

10th Edition of Conn's Biological Stains, by Richard Horobin and John
Kiernan is NOW available in the US! 25 years after the 9th edition!

It is sold through Springer-Verlag in New York, or BIOS in the UK. If
look on the web page of Springer, it still says it is not yet published.
Bios web site shows that it is in print. I called Springer, and emailed
Bios. It has been available in the US since September 10, 2002. It has
available in the UK since August 2002. (It's also listed on,
again says it is not yet published. I don't know when Amazon will have
it. I
didn't call.)

For Springer, normal shipping is 7-10 days, but there is 2 day express
shipping for a little extra money (about $9 more from NY to Michigan).

Remember, Richard Horobin, Scotland, is the International Speaker at the
Symposium next Sunday (September 29, 2002). (I'm hoping he will agree to
sign my book, if I take it to NSH.)

The following is the information:

Conn's Biological Stains
10th edition
Richard W. Horobin and John A. Kiernan, editors
ISBN 1-85996-099-5

For those in the USA:
New York
for the company's web site
for the web site of the book

For those in the UK:

BIOS Scientific Publishers Ltd
110 pounds (sorry, don't have the stylized "L" for the symbol for your
Oxford, England
Tel: +44 (0) 1865 726286
for the Bios web site
for the book site

I can't wait to see it!!

(If a disclaimer is needed, no I don't work for these companies, and I
definitely don't get any royalties from the sales of these books. I just
have been referring to the 1977 edition for years (decades), and am
to have a new dye book that lists the current available dyes, and which
would drop dyes no longer available.)

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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