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Hey Deb,
The only B5 tissue we stain for CD3 is bone marrow biopsies and we have to use Biogenix Decal Retrieval solution for 30 minutes prior to HIER (Biocare's BORG for 2 minutes in their decloaking chamber).  We use Biocare's CD3, clone PS1, on Ventana's stainers.  When we did have a few B5 fixed tonsils around they tended to stain even stronger than NBF tissues.  If you want more specifics, I'll be happy to provide them.

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Hey all you immuno persons-----Who has a really hardy CD3 that works well on formalin fixed and B-5 fixed specimens?  What retrieval is used?  My clone I was using is not available and I am can get a few I've tried beautiful on formalin, but B-5 is a real problem.  Please share details and detection.  I have a Dako autostainer.  Thanks much!

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