Processing Carnoy's Fixed Tissue



I'm emailing from Manchester in the UK and just starting my histology 
career.  Please can anyone help?

Just read some archived mail on Histonet regarding processing carnoy's 
fixed tissue - I really need some help with this, as we are getting strange 
black/brown nuclei throughout the tissue.  It has been suggested that this 
is the acid remaining in the nuclei.  We have a Leica carousel tissue 
processor without a vacuum, however, I have used an overnight 18 hours 
program and still can't get rid of this. We also use other fixatives which 
aren't a problem, but we would like to resolve the problem with carnoy's 
fixed tissue, as we use this fixative a lot in our lab and it is necessary 
for soem of our work.  Tissues are fixed for approx. 1 hour in Carnoy's and 
then transferred to 70% prior to processing.

I have also read on Histonet that there are 2 references regarding the 
processing of carnoy's fixed tissue, however, there aren't any abstracts on 
PubMed and I'm not sure whether our library holds this journal.  Does 
anyone know how I can get hold of them?  They are:-
Puchtler H et al  Histochemie 16:361-371, 1968
Puchtler H et al  Histochemie 21:97-116,	1970

If anyone has any other advice for dealing with these tissues, I would be 
very grateful if you could pass it on.

Kind regards,

Nicola Cragg
Epistem Ltd
Manchester, UK

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