MMA vs epon (was Immuno on JB 4 Resin)

From:"Morken, Tim"

I'm not sure what you mean by "epoxy-like resins" but, to clarify, Epon
(trade name) is an epoxy resin while MMA (and GMA) is an acrylic resin. They
have very different properties in terms of cross-linking, porosity,
strength, hardness, etc. These differences account for the reason that
people use methacrylates for light microscopy and epoxy resins for electron
microscopy. There are acrylics suitable for EM as well, however.

Tim Morken

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Hi All,

I just wanted to mention that JB-4 resin is a glycol methacrylate and
not a methyl methacrylate. Some of the epon-like resins are methyl
methacrylate and might work better for you.  

Karen Pawlowski

Melanie Black wrote:
> Oswaldo
> You will find it in the Journal of Cellular Pathology, 1996,page
> 31-37. Authors NM Hnad, D Blythe, P Jackson. Title Antigen unmasking
> using microwave heating on formalin fixed tissue embedded in methyl
> methacrylate.
> Another is the text book "Theory and practice of Histological
> Techniques By Bancroft and Gamble. There is a whole chapter written
> by Neil Hand on resin.
> Hope this is helpful
> Melanie.
> >Hi Melanie, thanks for the info. I would appreciate if you can
> >direct me to the reference describing the method and the resin used.
> >
> >Oswaldo
> >
> >
> >
> >Melanie Black wrote:
> >>Hi Oswaldo
> >>
> >>I have done great immuno on MMA resin, a method by Neil Hand in the
> >>UK. The method is well known and written up. But I need to cut
> >>metal stents now, so need a harder resin.
> >>
> >>If you need to find that one, let me know.
> >>
> >>Melanie.
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