John Kiernan's book

From:Ray Mark

Dear Colleagues,
 I am once again assured that John Kiernan's book, Histological and Histochemical Methods, is back in stock at oup-usa.  So Americans, if you've been waiting for a back order, it should appear pretty soon.  If you haven't bought one yet, maybe now is the time.  I haven't been able to find out when it will  go out of print, but you never know with scientific publications.   It's a suitable stocking stuffer for recipients whose legs have swollen after years of lab work on their feet.  Otherwise I guess you'll  have to gift wrap it. 
ISBN 0750649364
Online Orders to
Phone 800 451 7556
To order by fax or mail, you need to call first and get your shipping charges.
Stop by Booth 244 in Long Beach and say hello. 
Mark Ray
EK Industries

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