Iron Stain

From:Donna Carlton

I would appreciate any help I can get on this please.  My pathologist is
concerned that my iron stain is not working even though my controls show
positive staining.  I researched to ensure we were not using any EDTA, then
I checked to see if we were leaving the biopsy in decal to long.  Iron non
reaction seems to happening to all the components, bone aspirate clot,
biopsy, smears.  I obtained a case which did have iron and cut new sections.
I then stained them with the case that was in question.  The stain is
working fine on the old case but not the one in question.  I am using the
same tissue processing, all the same chemicals and reagents that produced
the staining in the case which has the iron reaction.

I called the company where we have the stain and talk to the tech area, they
don't understand what may be happening.  Can anyone give me any insight into
what may be happening?
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