Incubators for ISH and IHC


Hi, I am considering the purchase of some pieces of equipment in order 
to facilitate in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry protocols. 
We just want to get rid of sandwich boxes with glass bars and pencils as 
racks, in huge incubators and ovens. I'd like to know if somebody has 
tips to help me decide, so far I have seen a microarray/slide incubator 
that looks cool from Grant Boekel at about 3,000$ plus digital heat 
blocks (about 600$) where I can carry out the denaturing of the sections 
and probe. If anybody has hands-on experience with these or other brands 
I'd appreciate their opinion. Cheers,



Oswaldo Palenzuela
Inst. Acuicultura Torre la Sal (CSIC)
12595 Ribera de Cabanes, Castellon

Ph. +34 964319500
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