Cutout countertops for microtomy, some thoughts

From:Gayle Callis

Jan's suggestion for an L shaped countertop (or modular counter) is
superior rather than a cut out, curved area, if that is what you have in
mind.  We had curved cutout tables for microscopy, and also a desk with
this design and I must admit, I came to dislike it intensely.  We lost a
good deal of flat work area where it was cut away, and and something about
working within that curved area that tended to create a confined area - at
least for me - taller than some.  This might work well for one person, but
not for others.  You need to keep in mind your other technicians or if you
ever leave for other employment.  

It is imperative you try this design before a permanent curved cut out area
you are forever stuck with using. You can also do the same with an L shape,
a mobile typewriter table was a good test for us. albeit, not very stable -
waves washing over sides if jostled.   

 The L shape, particularly if it is a modular counter to allow the "L" to
be moved plus drawers can be added which give it stability weight and extra
storage, plus have lock down wheels.  This will allow either a right side
or left side (for left or right handed people), is more versatile and
certainly more comfortable.   This is what I am looking at for the next
cutting area design, and could even do it now - to increase work area space
and mobility. 

Jan is absolutely correct, buy the BEST chair possible, one that swivels
with great ease and fits your back, height, totally adjustable.   Chairs
with pneumatic adjustable heights are superb, taller ones are used here for
cryostat work, we can work all day at cryostat without neck/back/arm/hand


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