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Hi Harry,

As long as it is being used as a solvent, I don't think there would be a
problem.  If you were using it in a reaction, there probably would be a
problem.  The only difference is the methyl groups.  They are both still

Rande Kline

Harry Sweigard  on 09/06/2002 12:00:37 PM

To:    histonet@pathology.swmed.edu
Subject:    xylene question

I have a question regarding the various forms of xylene.  Whereas we
normally use a mixture of forms, by accident we have recieved an order in
the meta configuration.  If this is used in the processor will our tissue
come out any differently than with the mixed forms?  I'm guessing not but
I'd sooner get some input before trying it with valuable tissues.

Thank you all,

-Harry Sweigard

(See attached file: C.htm)

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