mosquitoe processing

From:Gayle Callis

I have done grasshoppers (very difficult with chitinous outer exoskeleton)
- young 'hoppers were better, with extended paraffin processing using
harder paraffin (Tissue Prep 2).  This was the same processing schedule we
used for decalcified rat femurs.  Still had tears in exoskeleton after
removing legs, wings and parts not needed. 

Also, water fleas in GMA, very tiny insects, but if you want to do IHC,
forget it! Orientation was random. 

The chitinous exoskeleton (it does not contain calcium, so don't decalcify)
is tough to deal with, but maybe the mosquito is easier, being smaller and
one could remove hard body parts/wings/legs that you don't need using a
magnifier or dissection scope - tedious!  

Some places to look, a literature search in Stain Technology now
Biotechnics and Histochemistry (hope I did that one right!) and there was
an article in an earlier Journal of Histotechnology.  I've found insect
methods in old Stain Technology journals via hands on search - very time
consuming.  Maybe John Kiernan can help you with past indexing or how to
access this. This old journal is worth it's weight in gold for unusual,
classic  methods. 
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