Safran du Gatinais

The item you are looking for is also known as Saffron, or Natural Yellow 5,
and Safflower Yellow
  and is available as a BDH "Gurr" brand in South Africa from:

 Merck  Pty Ltd
Tel: 271 1 655 6000

Saffron for microscopical staining `Gurr'
C.I. 75100
Reaction with sodium hydroxide 5M   Passes test
Reaction with sulphuric acid 96%        Passes test
Suitability for microscopy                       Passes test

Catalogue number  34146 2W  10 g
Catalogue Number 34146 3A   25 g

 CAS # 1401-20-3

Regards Gordon Fenn
EM Science

Jenny Molde  on 09/13/2002 04:01:57 AM

Subject:    Safran du Gatinais

I would like to attempt the Movat pentachrome stain and was wondering
if anyone out there could  please give me some info on where to find
this  dye,  Safran du Gatinais.  I have searched quite a number of
companies but no success on my side.  Many thanks in advance.

Jenny Molde

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