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Hi Jen,
The enzyme HRPO will not bind Fluorophore-conjugated biotin.
You should try TSA (Tyramide Signal Amplification) where HRPO is used to
catalyse deposition of fluorophore labeled tyramide.
You may also try fluorophore labeled anti-mouse or anti-rabbit (depending on
your primary) It may work eaven thoug your primary is HRPO labeled.
Wish you all welcome to Immunohistochemistry - In Situ Hybridization at 

Hogne Roed Nilsen

Date: 12 Sep 2002 19:15:58 -0500
From: "Philopena, Jennifer" 
Subject: converting a chromogen signal to fluorescence

Hi All.
I have an HRP-conjugated primary antibody that works very well for IHC (and
I'd like to keep using it), but I want a fluorescent signal.  Does anyone
know of a fluor-conjugated anti-HRP antibody?  If not, does anyone think it
will work if I use fluor-conjugated biotin (the biotin will hopefully bind
without background to the HRP, and I'll have a fluorescing signal)?
Thanks for your insight.

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