Re: xylene question

From:Harry Sweigard

Thank you all for your answers.  You've answered my question, and then some.  I probably should have been a little more clear with my question to save some explaining.  I'm aware of the forms and their chemical structures.  I was simply curious as to whether the positioning of the methyl group on the benzene has any affect on its properties as a solvent(eg. maybe a solution with all in the meta position would be a more potent solvent than one with them all in the ortho or para position, therefore I should decrease the time in solvent or be left with brittle tissue to deal with---purely an example--from what I gather solvent characteristics are unaffected by the methyl position).  Again, thank you for the promp and thorough answers.  I'll go ahead and use the meta without changing the times.

-Harry S.
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