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From:Kerenza Njoh

Our department purchased a microscope and image analysis software a year ago
from Leica Microsystems Imaging Solutions Ltd.

The microscope is equiped with a DC500 digital camera and the software links to
the microscope and captures the images. The analysis system has two programs,
one for bright field images (QWin) and one for fluorescent images (QFluoro).
They are both user friendly (I am in charge of training for the system and
everyone gets the hang of it pretty soon) and both have measuring facilities,
image enhancement features and the bright field one can be programmed to
measure/ analyse images routinely according to parameters you set.

I don't know how much help this will be to you though as I am based in the UK
and I am not sure where in the world leica distributes to.

It is however a great system and the microscope is pretty cool too.


Kerenza Njoh


Kerenza Njoh
Department of Optometry and Vision Science
Redwood Building
Cardiff University
Direct Line: (029) 20876471

>>> Clover Daley  09/12/02 05:31pm >>>
To all of you who have used digital imaging systems,

A researcher will soon be purchasing a system and would appreciate any
information that you can supply.

His primary use of the system will be for measuring areas, linear
measurements, and capturing images. Also important is that it is user
friendly since various students will be using the system.

Thank you,

Clover Daley
Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research

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