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From:Vinnie Della Speranza

We have the same cassette labeler but encounter only occasional problems of this kind. things to consider are the alignment of the steel base that the sleeve docks into.
these occasionally need adjustment and making certain that the sleeve is seated properly. we haven't seen any pattern of problems with the sleeves themselves although my staff tells me that our blue cassettes seem to be more finicky than the other colors we use.
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Hi All,

I am trying to get some info for my colleagues in my department.  They were
wondering if anyone is having any problems with the Shandon cassette
labeler.  Apparently, the cassettes are not coming out of the sleeves and
they are jamming up.  They bought the prefilled sleeves but they seem to be
packed to tightly and get caught up a lot.
If anyone is experiencing these same problems and has any solutions, please
let us know.

Also, one of our pathologists would like to know if anyone is using a
digital camera set up for taking pictures of gross specimens.  He wants to
know what kind of set up is recommended.


Michele M
University Hospital

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