Re: Scrapie infected tissues, a source of information

From:Nancy E Weber

I used to cut that tissue in the diagnostic lab.  They would come down in
10% formalin, but did have a pre-treatment in formic acid. They got put on
the regular processor, but there was quite a discussion about having a
separate room to handle these tissue. We wore gloves to embed. And wore
gloves and had some kind of eyewear and a face shield, that fit on the
microtome, to microtome. The shavings were put in a biohazard bag and
treated as such.  Another contact would be Tom Prescott.  Katherine snatched
him up out of the diagnostic lab after I left and he handles all the tissue
in her lab.  And if you need Immuno info contact Pam Dilbeck Robertson.
She's worked up quite a selection of tests.

Nancy Weber
Research Associate
Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Ohio State University
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> There is a researcher, Dr. Katherine O'Rourke, Washington State
> working with scrapie. Go to their website for more information.  She may
> a good contact to their pathology facility on handling of infected
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