Re: Plastic containers for formalin-fixed tissues

From:Barbara Stancel

Tanya, All of the prefilled 10% NBF containers we have used were made of #2 
plastic. Unless a manufacturer, vendor, or disgruntled user has some other 
information, I do not believe there would be a problem with the type of jars 
listed on that website.

Histologically yours,
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Original message:

Does anyone have any experience with clear plastic contains such as the ones 
found on the following website: I contacted the company 
about using the small containers to store formalin-fixed tissues but they 
were unable to tell me if the plastic could
stand up to 10% formalin.  (One of our techs has extremely small hands and 
cannot open the traditional opaque plastic contains with yellow lids that 
are specifically designed for this use.)
Tanya D. Lemire, DVM, Diplomate ACVP

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