Re: Immuno on JB 4 Resin.


Hi, my experience is simple: unsuccessful immunohistochemistry using 
JB4. We were not able to achieve any immunostaining using various 
antibodies and lectins that work well in paraffin. We tried JB4 because 
got some references saying that it was a good resin for immuno, but we 
did not find any difference with our standard Historesin: the protocols 
just didn't in neither of them. I would appreciate if somebody gives 
protocols or tips to get good immunohistochemistry in resin.

Oswaldo Palenzuela
Inst. Acuicultura Torre la Sal (CSIC)
12595 Ribera de Cabanes, Castellon

Melanie Black wrote:
> Hi There
> I am setting up JB4 resin, and have managed to get quite good Actin 
> staining on JB 4 embedded tissue. Has anybody done immuno on this resin? 
> I would be interested to discuss methods, counterstain, successful 
> antibodies, etc.

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