Re: CryoJane accessories

I may not have had the first but I know I purchased one of the earlier
versions of the CryoJane system when I ran the Core Facility at Mayo Clinic
Scottsdale. I know there have been a lot of improvements and upgrades over
the years (1992 is when I bought mine) I think it all depends on your
applications. The snap freezer was a great freezing box but the "weight"
was not relevant to my system (whole mouse embryos, smashed them terribly)
but was wonderful for the clinical techs who were doing human lung samples.
I already have a vaccum on my cryostat so the vac-away would be doubling up
for me. When  I purchased it was not available and is not as necessary in a
non-human tissue lab.   I did like the oil (not sure what the "kit"
involves). it seals up the block very well and has a faster freezing time
than covering with OCT and was imparitive to saving the block for later
sectioning.  You know all this recent talk about Instrumedics is making me
think I should look into purchasing a system for my new lab..,.See you in
Long Beach Bernise

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We are looking to purchase the CryoJane system and are wondering if the
following tools provide benefits warranting their purchase.  I would
greatly appreciate any information from those of you who use them or choose
not to.  The products are the stand alone Gentle Jane Snap Freezer, the
Vac-Away system, and the oil protection acessory kit.  Thanks for any help
you can offer!

Laura Bursch
Prin. Lab. Tech.
Veterinary Diagnostic Medicine
University of Minnesota

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