Re: Alkaline Phosphatase for meningiomas

     Hi Rebecca,

     From memory, and that ain't so good now (no correlation with malt whisky!),
     I had best success with one of the original metal salt methods of Gomori. I
     was looking at CNS tumors in culture and did a wide variety of enzyme
     histochemical techniques.
     From recollection, sodium beta-glycerophosphate was the substrate, with
     calcium and magnesium chlorides in the incubation medium also. If you can't
     get a hold of a copy of one of the editions of Pearse's Histochemistry, let
     me know and I'll try to dig out the method.

     Good luck

     Ronnie Houston
     Regional Histology Operations Manager
     Bon Secours HealthPartners Laboratories
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Subject: Alkaline Phosphatase for meningiomas
Author:  "R.Z. Meitus"  at BSHSIBTW
Date:    9/4/02 1:38 PM

       Hello again,
       I am not having much luck here.  Does anyone have a
       "tried and true" method/protocol that they wouldn't
       mind sharing?

       Rebecca Z. Meitus, HTL
       Vanderbilt University Medical Center
       Department of Pathology
       Division of Neuropathology

       --- "R.Z. Meitus"  wrote:
       > Hello All,
       > I have been asked by one of our neuropathologists to
       > do an alk phos on frozen sections of meningiomas.  I
       > have tried 2 methods so far with no results.
       > One method was
       > (not the APAAP method);
       > and the other was out of the Freida Carson text.
       > I've searched the histonet archives and found that
       > someone suggested using an alk phos kit (e.g.
       > Vector).
       > The vector catalog says that these kits are not
       > recommended for staining neuro stuff.
       > Any help will be greatly appreciated, esp. someone
       > with a protocol.
       > Thank you in advance,
       > Rebecca Z. Meitus, HTL
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