RE: wanted: disposable knife holder for Histostat 975C cryostat

From:Jon Moody

Thanks for the info.

We've tried one of these things recently:  it has roughly the same
dimensions as a permanent knife and a slot on top to hold the
disposable blade.  The problem is that it still clamps on one side
just like the permanent knife; it really doesn't fit properly in the
Histostat's permanent knife holder and it's not particularly stable
(produces chatter at all cutting angles).   

As Gayle Callis recommends, we want to replace the _permanent_ knife
holder itself with one designed to clamp the knife on both sides which
is probably much more common and sensible.  

Since yesterday, I've found an old permanent knife holder from a
Lipshaw cryostat that may be adaptable.  But if anyone has an old AO
820 knife holder that they would be willing to sell, it would sure be

Jon Moody

> I recommend Klaus Dern with Micro Precision Company - 706-635-8840. 
He has
> a blade holder that acts like a regular blade and tightens with the
> that one would tighten the regular blade with. I'm not sure if your
> holder can accommodate this type, but give him a call - he will be
able to
> help you, I'm sure! Good luck, j:>)
> Joyce Weems
> Pathology Manager
> Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta
> 404-851-7376
> 404-851-7831 - fax
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> Subject:	wanted: disposable knife holder for Histostat 975C cryostat
> Having obtained a Histostat 975C crystat which is in beautiful
> condition (never used, we're told), we're looking for a disposable
> knife holder to replace the wretched side-clamping knife holder it
> came with; I noticed in the list archives that someone recommended
> using an AO 820 disposable knife holder.  
> Does anyone know of a source for such parts?  Is anyone else
> successfully using this cryostat model with some other disposable
> knife solution?
> Thanks in advance.
> Jon Moody
> Physics Dept.
> Oakland University#005#

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