RE: formalin separation from tissues for disposal

From:"Horn, Hazel V"

I don't know if I can offer a reasonable solution, but wouldn't these
elements be harmless as they are fixed?   I don't understand their reasoning
for this.   Is the waste company that hauls the spent formalin away
suggesting this?    We have to pour ours off as well.
I sure hope this isn't something that will come my way.    I'll be
interested in replies to this thread.

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> Subject:	formalin separation from tissues for disposal
> I know that this topic has been discussed on the list numerous times
> before however we are being faced with a slightly different slant that I
> would welcome your input on.
> Our Safety dept. has become conerned that our waste formalin contains
> blood and lipid that they feel must be separated from the formalin before
> it can be carted away. 
> We currently use a filtering funnel when pouring off the waste formalin
> but this won't extract the lipid and blood which are in liquid suspension
> in the formalin.
> Has anyone else been required to address this issue? I'm hoping someone
> can offer a reasonable solution that will satisfy our Safety folks.
> thanks
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