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Morning Jenny,

Safran du Gatinais = Saffron of Gatinais
	Saffron (Roboz)(C.I. #75100)*	6g (about 1/4 oz) (stigmas or
powder, I bet!)
	100% Ethanol	100ml
		saffron in EtOH in air-tight brown bottle*** (125ml serum
bottle with Teflon-lined screw cap)
		leave at 56-58oC for 48hr**
	stain for 15min in screw-cap Coplin jar (this is a last

	The above came out of S.W. Thompson's, Selected Histochemical and
Histopathological Methods, Thomas, Springfield, IL, 1966, p 827-828 (Movat's
Pentachrome Stain).

The web is wonderful!!!
	A reference to a method/protocol contact for Movat's Penta-stain
came from Steve Slap at:

*  Listed in Lillie's, "Conn's biological Stains", don't know about the new
edition soon to come.

**  This is quite obviously an extraction performed on stamens (called
"saffron threads") or powder.  You could presume that C.I. 75100 is a
purified powder from a similar organic extraction.

*** I always keep a quart can of black paint in my lab in which I dip small
bottles that I wish to make light tight.  There is a plastic coating which
is available at Home Depot that comes in other colors

Saffron can be purchased in original form or as a powder as explained here:
A general link library for dyes (as in textiles!! where it all started) can
be found here:

Saffron is expensive ($36/oz) for cooking and exorbitant for staining at: (search )

So, after all of the intelligent stuff listed above, the search finally
produced a summary in a PDF file from Luna's " "Histo-Logic" at:  He not only gave a
modified version of Movat but also the original source.  Movat(1955),
A.M.A., Arch Path, 60:289-294 (which is also in Thompson's book).

We (Mom and I) have a snitched (rescued?) mortar and pestle to grind the
"threads" to powder for cooking.  Only a little powder is required for
non-chef-like cooking, so the mortar and pestle hang out in the cupboard
most of the time.

Hope this helps, it was a nice exercise to start the day for me,


Fred Monson

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> From: 	Jenny Molde
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> Subject: 	Safran du Gatinais
> I would like to attempt the Movat pentachrome stain and was wondering 
> if anyone out there could  please give me some info on where to find 
> this  dye,  Safran du Gatinais.  I have searched quite a number of 
> companies but no success on my side.  Many thanks in advance.
> Jenny Molde

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